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With the development of computer and communication industries, the rare earth permanent magnet, especially the Nd-FeB permanent magnet industry, has achieved rapid development.

Rare earth permanent magnet material is a kind of permanent magnet material with relatively high comprehensive performance, which is more than 100 times higher than the magnetic properties of the magnetic steel used in the 90th century, and far superior to ferrite and aluminum-nickel-cobalt. The magnetic properties are twice as high as that of expensive platinum-cobalt alloys. The use of rare earth permanent magnet materials not only promotes the development of permanent magnet devices to miniaturization, improves the performance of products, but also promotes the production of some special devices. Therefore, the emergence of rare earth permanent magnet materials immediately attracted great attention throughout the country. develop rapidly. The performance of various rare earth permanent magnet materials developed and produced in China has approached or reached the international advanced level.

Rare earth permanent magnet materials have become important materials in electronic technology communication. They are used in travelling wave tubes and circulators in artificial satellites and radars, as well as miniature motors, miniature recorders, aviation instruments, electronic watches, seismographs and other electronic instruments. on. The application of rare earth permanent magnets has penetrated into automobiles, household appliances, electronic instruments, nuclear magnetic resonance imagers, audio equipment, micro special motors, mobile phones and so on. In the medical field, the use of rare earth permanent magnet materials for "magnetic acupoint therapy" has greatly improved the therapeutic effect, thereby promoting the rapid promotion of "magnetic acupoint therapy". In various fields where rare earths are used, rare earth permanent magnet materials are one of the fastest growing ones. It has not only brought a huge impetus to the development of the rare earth industry, but also has a profound impact on many related industries.

With the advancement of science and technology, rare earth permanent magnet materials are not only used in computers, automobiles, instruments, meters, household appliances, petrochemicals, medical care, aerospace and other industries, as well as various micro and special motors, as well as nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, electrical devices, magnetic Separation equipment, magnetic machinery, magnetic therapy equipment and other components that need to generate a strong gap magnetic field, and the emerging fields of wind power generation, new energy vehicles, inverter appliances, energy-saving elevators, energy-saving oil pumping units, etc., increasingly demand rare earth permanent magnet materials. Growth, the application market space is huge.

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