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Main: Ferrite Magnet, NdFeB Magnet, SmCo Magnet, Rubber Magnet



Artificial magnets: divided into hoof magnets and bar magnets, which are the most common in everyone's life, of which hoof magnets are more popular. A single-sided magnet is a magnet that has magnetism on one side and weak magnetism on the other side. The method is to wrap one side of the double-sided magnet with a specially treated galvanized iron sheet. In this way, the magnetic side of the wrapped side is shielded and the magnetic force is refracted to the other side. The other side will be more magnetic. If there are occasions, only one side needs to be magnetic, if there is magnetism on the other side, it will cause damage or interference; in some cases, the magnet on the packaging box only needs one side to be magnetic, and the other side may be optional or not. Using single-sided magnetism in this way will greatly reduce costs and save magnetic materials. The magnetic refraction of a single-sided magnet is determined by the refraction of the signal by the satellite pot or the refraction surface of the light by a flashlight lamp pot: 1. Material: The choice of material and thickness are closely related to the distance between the magnet and the material. Pure iron sheet is easy to leak magnetic and its refraction will be enhanced after special treatment. However, 100% shielding materials have not been researched yet, but the effect of materials made by different manufacturers is also different.

2. Angle: According to the principle of refraction, the curved material has better effect, and the right angle material has larger refraction loss.

3. Space: Magnetic lines of force are like mobile phone signals in the air and require space to be refracted. If the flashlight lamp pot is completely wrapped in the lamp, the use effect is definitely not good, because a lot of light refraction is lost.

How to use the above principles to make the effect of magnetic enhancement better is a problem of seeking good parameters among many parameters. Many manufacturers are also doing experiments repeatedly. This will greatly reduce production costs and save magnetic materials in fields such as boxes and bags.

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