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Focus on magnet production

Main: Ferrite Magnet, NdFeB Magnet, SmCo Magnet, Rubber Magnet



Metal alloy magnets include Nd2Fe14B magnet, SmCo magnet, ALNiCO magnet, FeCrCo magnet

Sintered dysprosium iron boron: It is a new type of permanent magnet material developed after 1983. It has extremely high magnetic properties and is widely used in various permanent magnet motors, engineering machinery, electro-acoustics, electrical appliances and medical equipment.

Sintered samarium cobalt permanent magnet is an excellent permanent magnetic material, which has high magnetic measurement performance, at the same time has strong corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low temperature coefficient, high Curie temperature, can be used in higher environments It is widely used in motors, sensors, detectors, radars and other high-tech fields.

Alnico is suitable for producing complex shapes. Light, thin and small products are widely used in instrumentation, communication, magnetoelectric switches and various sensors.

FeCrCo magnets are the Transformers in permanent magnets. The alloy permanent magnets are the most deformable. They can be drawn (0.2-0.3mm). They can be used for drawing tubes, rolling strips, and various mechanical processes. A.FeCrCo (iron-chromium-cobalt) deformed permanent magnet alloy has higher magnetic properties, comparable to AlNiCo permanent magnet alloy, but its Co content is about 50% lower than AlNiCo. B.FeCrCo alloy has excellent plasticity and ductility and is easy to process. This is an unmatched characteristic of cast permanent magnet alloys. The higher operating temperature of this alloy is about 400, which is beyond the reach of NdFeB rare earth permanent magnets. C.FeCrCo alloy can be processed into wires, rods, tubes, belts and forged materials after processing. After turning, milling, planing, drilling and stamping, it can be made into various permanent magnet components with complex shapes, especially for small Long and thin components show unique characteristics. The thinnest strip can reach 0.05mm, and the thinnest wire can be processed to 0.1mm.

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