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Brand:NC magnet

kind:Round, square, countersink, shaped, triangle, etc.

Application range:3C digital, electronic technology, industrial motors, gift toys, medical equipment, etc.

Service Hotline:+86-0769-8230-8600

Various shapes of SmCo magnet


SmCo magnets are second-generation rare earth permanent magnets, which are mainly divided into two types: 1: 5 (SmCo5) and 2:17 (Sm2Co17).

SmCo permanent magnets are mainly characterized by high magnetic properties and good temperature performance. Working temperature can reach 250-350 degrees Celsius. Compared with neodymium iron boron magnets, samarium cobalt magnets are more suitable for working in high temperature environments. It is very suitable for manufacturing various high-performance permanent magnet motors and applications with very complicated working environments. In addition, samarium cobalt magnets are extremely resistant to rust, and their surfaces generally do not require electroplating.

Because the main component of thorium cobalt magnetium is low on earth, its price is relatively expensive.


Dongguan Nanci Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is a private enterprise integrating magnet production, sales and service. The company's products mainly include ferrite permanent magnets (Ferrite Magnet), NdFeB NdFeB Magnet, SmCo Magnet, Rubber Magnet and other tens of thousands of products, products are widely used in various types of speakers, electronics, motors, toys, Medical equipment, magnetizer, metal plastic, printing products and other fields.

After years of hard work, the company's sales network spreads all over the country, and has obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification. We will provide our customers with high-quality magnetic products with scientific management systems, sophisticated production equipment, strict inspection standards, and perfect after-sales service.

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